DIY Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Inspiration Board – Watercolour

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Wedding Inspiration Board – Glamorous Grey

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Black Friday Discounts

Black Friday Deals

It’s that time of year again everyone!  Black Friday 2014 is set to be the best yet!  Whilst traditionally Black Friday is filled with discount holiday items, those savvy brides-to-be will also know that it’s a great time of year to bag a bargain for their upcoming special day.  With that in mind, here is our annual Black Friday deal!  Be sure to head over to our store quick smart as stock is strictly limited!…

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wedding inspiration board – neon brights

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope the weekend treated everyone well.  This week’s wedding inspiration board is inspired with all things acid bright in mind.  From bright pops of yellow, to fluorsecent pink, this gorgeous board is sure to add that super bright pop of colour!

Neon has been a major trend recently, and this has spilled over into the wedding industry as well.  It’s a very bold colour scheme, and often works best with subtle additions to a neutral colour scheme.  …

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shoe envy – Emmy Shoes London

We are absolutely swooning over all things Art Deco this week!  Our gorgeous Great Gatsby wedding inspiration board has been an absolute hit, and our latest ‘Shoe Envy’ is carrying on the trend.  This week’s shoe comes to us from the very talented Emmy Shoes.  Her website is absolutely gorgeous, and that’s not even mentioning the gorgeous array of shoes!


Bespoke Designer Bridal Shoes from Emmy London


Gorgeous array of custom designer bridal shoes from Emmy London


Emmy has produced an absolutely stunning pair of Great Gatsby inspired shoes! …

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wedding inspiration board – rustic vineyard

Getting married in a winery or having a vineyard theme is a wonderful way to add rustic charm to your wedding day.  Autumn is a perfect time of year for a vineyard wedding theme.  The vines are stunning shades of gold and red, and their natural colour scheme lends itself well to the rustic theme.

This week our gorgeous wedding inspiration board celebrates all things rustic vineyard!  From gorgeous rustic tablescapes to stunning shots taken amongst the vines, our latest inspiration board is sure to provide some gorgeous details!…

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shoe envy – Christian Louboutin

Welcome to our latest shoe envy!  Staying with our gold theme, this week’s shoe candy is a gorgeous set of gold glittered Christian Louboutin heels.  They are just gorgeous!  Check them out below.  Be sure to stay tuned for next week’s installment!

Gold Glitter Louboutin wedding heels

Gold Glitter Louboutin wedding heels

Photo Credit: Patrick Moyer Photography…

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mint green wedding favor – exclusive design launch

Paper Angel Designs are proud to give our readers the first look at our latest design.  We took inspiration from our recent Mint Green Wedding Inspiration Board to launch our latest design; our mint green damask square box.  Our gorgeous new wedding favor design features a chic and elegant damask design in a gorgeous mint green.  A subtle and soft design, our latest wedding favor  release is sure to add that little touch of elegance to your wedding day.…

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Just to let you know…

Paper Angel Designs is currently in the process of migrating from Blogger to WordPress, we appreciate your patience!…

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Design Inspiration – Finished!

Just completed our latest design, ‘Mini Noodle Box DIY Favor Template’.  I hinted in my last post Design Inspiration that I had been inspired to create a new design.  I love the concept of noodle boxes.  They’ve been super popular in recent years.  Our design has been jazzed up a bit with an adorable digital seal and a little bit of ribbon.  Super cute!

Check out the shots below, then head over to Etsy to pick yours up:

DIY Wedding Favor Template - Mini Noodle Box Template

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Design Inspiration

Design inspiration strikes at the oddest of times.

I see things in nature or architecture that inspire me.

My design will involve a seal, and a ribbon wrap hopefully.  Stay tuned for more details while I work out the last of the design kinks!…

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Productive Sunday (or at least somewhat productive….)

My fiance and I are just got back from a quick break away, so I spent this weekend trying to catch up on all of the chores that were missed whilst we were away.  We had an excellent time, and now it’s back to the real world!

Unfortunately, it has been a miserable, wet Sunday today.  Not exactly the greatest day to be trying to get jobs done.  I needed to reshoot my Bon Bon DIY wedding favors.…

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Featured Seller – Lucia Stofej

Etsy is a wonderful treasure trove of amazing sellers, especially wedding related items. With such a vintage and DIY wedding movement, you can quite literally find anything you want.

Any bride wants to make her special day meaningful and personalised just for her. It’s all in the details; a gorgeous head band and dainty little earrings.

I stumbled upon Lucia Stofej’s store one evening whilst looking through the latest wedding listings for inspiration.…

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Happy Monday!

The final week before Christmas is turning out to be rather manic!

The weather has been quite frankly atrocious here, normally we are blessed with a very balmy December.

Our clinic has been very busy with clients streaming through the door trying to get all manner of things done prior to Christmas.  Plenty of vaccinations and general surgery to keep oneself occupied.

With such a hectic time leading up to Christmas, it really got me thinking. …

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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! The first few days in a new week can be a bit drab. To inspire us I’ve just found some gorgeous bridal jewellery courtesy of Prive Bridal Jewellery.

Prive Bridal is a New Zealand based company specialising in bridal jewellery. They currently off a variety of gorgeous jewellery sets, bracelets and earrings. With plenty of options for classic and modern tastes, there is so much to choose from.…

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DIY Wedding Planning Guides – Here Comes The Guide

Planning a wedding can be amazingly stressful.  With so many vendors to organize, and so many things to keep track of and remember to do, it is very easy to rush through appointments in a bit of a daze.

Booking a vendor or any service for your wedding day is a big deal.  It can be really hard to think of questions when all of the hype and excitement starts to build and it is easy to be overwhelmed.

Wedding Organization Checklists and Ideas

For today’s ‘Organized Tuesday’ feature (running a wee bit late as life just got in the way this week), I decided to highligh a site that I found particularly useful: Here Comes The Guide

The website features a number of vendor listings. …

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