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Wedding Inspiration Board – Aqua

The days are getting warmer which must mean summer is finally on the way!  With warmer weather almost here, we’ve taken inspiration from all things aqua for our inspiration board this week.

Pantone Aqua Turquoise

Image Credits:

Aqua Bridesmaid Dresses; Judy Pak //  Aqua Earrings; Love Shine Bridal //  Aqua Wedding Sign; Nancy Ray //  Aqua Earrings; Aina Kai //  Aqua Cotton Tote; Inspired By This via //  Aqua Pumps; Our Labor of Love //  Aqua Wedding Gown; Zuhair Murad //  Rustic Aqua Mason Jars; Huckleberry Vintage //  Aqua Jar Tags; Love Life Images //  Aqua Vintage Car ; Anastasia Christou…

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Wedding Inspiration Board – Rustic Pink and Burlap

Happy Monday everyone!  Hopefully everyone enjoyed the weekend; especially those of us that had an extra day!  This week our inspiration board is all things rustic; pink and burlap.  This adorable colour scheme adds a touch of country-girl chic to your special day.  Perfect for those wanting to add a rustic, and yet feminine feel to their wedding decor.

Rustic pink wedding rustic burlap wedding


Digi Buddha, Mirtillo and The Sunny Bee are fabulously talented Etsy sellers.  …

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Wedding Inspiration Board – Tiffany Blue

This week’s gorgeous inspiration board is all things Tiffany Blue.  This sophisticated and elegant shade of blue oozes class.  First associated with the ‘little blue box’ in the mid 1800’s, the iconic shade of blue never goes out of style.  A gorgeous choice for a colour scheme on it’s own, but it also pairs well with ivory, coral and many other warm colours.…

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wedding inspiration board – chinoiserie chic

This week’s wedding inspiration board comes to us from the East.  Chinoiserie stems from the French term for Chinese.  Both opulent and elegant, it adds a baroque touch to traditional Asian styling.

Often with intricate patterns combined with traditional motifs, Chinoiserie adds a bold punch to your wedding theme.  Shades of blue, jade and peony pink add a fanciful pop of colour, as well a modern edge.…

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wedding inspiration board – Great Gatsby

Welcome to the “Roaring 20’s”!  This week’s inspiration board is inspired by all things Great Gatsby!  The release of the movie adaptation of the Scott Fitzgerald classic has stimulated a resurgence of all things Art Deco for weddings.  An era epitomised by glamour and sophisticated details, a Great Gatsby theme will add an air of classic elegance to your special day.…

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wedding inspiration board – rustic vineyard

Getting married in a winery or having a vineyard theme is a wonderful way to add rustic charm to your wedding day.  Autumn is a perfect time of year for a vineyard wedding theme.  The vines are stunning shades of gold and red, and their natural colour scheme lends itself well to the rustic theme.

This week our gorgeous wedding inspiration board celebrates all things rustic vineyard!  From gorgeous rustic tablescapes to stunning shots taken amongst the vines, our latest inspiration board is sure to provide some gorgeous details!…

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metallic gold wedding inspiration board

From burnt copper right through to luscious light tones, gold adds an air of sophistication and elegance to your wedding palette. Our gorgeous wedding inspiration board showcases stunning gold toned wedding finds.

Gold is one of the biggest color trends for the 2013 wedding season. It pairs well with a variety of colors; from neon brights to bright and bold primary colours.

Check out our gorgeous finds below, and be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more gorgeous colour palette inspiration!…

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navy blue and lime green wedding inspiration board

Here’s hoping everyone’s weekend went well.  The weather here is slowly warming up for the spring, plenty of fresh spring growth.  All of the lovely shades of green around have inspired our latest wedding inspiration board; navy blue and lime green.  The perfect palette for the warmer months, the freshness of the lime green adds some spunk to the very sophisticated navy blue. …

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cornflower blue and taupe wedding inspiration board

Happy Monday everyone!  Hopefully everyone has had a relaxing weekend now that we are back to the working week.  This week’s colour palette is cornflower blue and taupe.  The cool blue combines well with the neutral taupe, making a very chic and understated palette.  Perfect for a more casual wedding, and an excellent option where some of the more prominent feminine colours don’t appeal.…

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dusky pink and mocha wedding inspiration board

Happy Thursday everyone!  It has been a bit hectic around here lately, so our weekly wedding inspiration board was a bit late this week.  Hopefully it was worth the wait!  Check it out below; dusky pink and brown.  Dusky pink is more of a traditional and very feminine colour choice.  It pairs very nicely with the more neutral brown.  The colour palette has plenty of scope for variation.  Chocolate brown, mocha and taupe all work equally well when paired with the dusky pink.…

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canary yellow and platinum wedding inspiration board

Happy Monday everyone!  It has been absolutely crazy this last week, so hopefully the new week goes a bit smoother.  Our latest wedding inspiration board features canary yellow and grey this week.  The sunshine hue of canary yellow combined with cool, calm slate grey lends an earthy, almost rustic feeling to a wedding palette.  Great for the spring as well as autumn, canary yellow and grey are a cute and quirky colour palette!…

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coral and turquoise wedding inspiration board

Welcome to September everyone!  The year is absolutely flying by!  For those of us in the southern hemisphere, our days are becoming longer and spring is most certainly here.  For this week’s wedding inspiration board, the inspiration was taken from all things spring –  coral and turquoise.  Often seen in nature and jewellery, coral and turquoise combine well together and add a modern and chic twist to more traditional wedding colour palettes. …

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Navy Blue Wedding Inspiration Board

Happy Monday everyone!  Hopefully this week won’t be too crazy for everyone.  Just wanted to share our latest wedding inspiration board!  Navy blue is a chic and elegant color choice for a colour palette this summer 2012 wedding season.  Either used on it’s own, or combined with a pop of neon, navy blue accents will add an air of elegance and sophistication to your special day.…

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DIY Wedding Freebie

It has been super exciting with our brand new blog design, courtesy of Et Alia designs!  The functionality of our new blog is great; can’t wait to provide more awesome DIY wedding inspiration!  Paper Angel Designs aims to provide unique DIY wedding inspiration for brides looking to add that personal touch to their wedding day, we can’t wait to bring more wedding inspiration to you with our new blog!…

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The Ultimate List of Bridal Blogs

With so many bridal websites and blogs out there, it is possible to spend literally hundreds of hours online when trying to plan your wedding or browse for wedding ideas.  Blogs are a great source of ideas and inspiration.

Bride Tide announces the Top 100 Bridal Blogs annually.  The list is a great source for any bride, specifically those interested in DIY weddings and DIY ideas.  The list covers many of the top names in the bridal industry, as well as some smaller, independent bridal blogs.…

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Monday Inspiration

Just wanted to share a cute little treasury featured on the front page on Etsy.  All things nautical has been very trendy in recent years.  This treasury has inspired our latest design – stay tuned for more details!

‘Navy Style’ by ThePurpleBalloon Red and white beaded be… Akamatra $15.00 MARIE ANTOINETTE VASSER… bOmode $275.00 Recycled plastic brooch… 10antemeridiem $7.00 Navy Blue Sailor’s … IremOzerdemDes… $25.00 Navy Anchors Vintage Bu… CelessaBazaar $2.50 Navy Felted Beads StemellinaSupp… $12.00 Marine earring with red… zsbekefi $18.00 Minimalist Acrylic Bra… HelenaRibeiro $98.00 crochet hat Rattlejiff $20.00 Nautical Birthday Fabri… BHBKidstyle $20.00 SALE Pastel stripe dres… Relogyyy $70.00 Sailor Navy Blue Strip… ZeroBags $34.00 Dark Blue Ceramic Star … WISHsupplies $1.30

Treasury tool supported by Red Row Studio…

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