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Wedding Inspiration Board – Cinnamon & Spice

It certainly appears that the cooler weather is here to stay for us!  This gorgeous time of year is best suited to cozy, intimate weddings with rustic details.  Think rustic shades of brown and taupe, with warm spices and candlelight for accents.  This week’s gorgeous wedding inspiration board brings together these ideas; drawing inspiration from cinnamon and spices!

Rustic Autumn Cinnamon and Spice Wedding Inspiration

Image Credits:

Rusted Maple Tin Ornaments; Decadent Designs //  Cinnamon Roll Cinnabon Wedding Cake; 1 Fine Cookie //  Cinnamon Sticks and Spices; Shutterstock //  Mini Spicy Crust Bourbon Pecan Pies; Boulder Locavore //  Tablescape with Mason Jars wrapped with Cinnamon Sticks; Trista Lerit Photography //  Rustic Tablescape with Roses, Balsa Wood Flowers, Hydrangea, Chrysanthemum and Wood Flowers; Gavin Wade Photography //  Glass Cloche with Rustic Drinks Menu; Vantage Pictures //  Wedding Dress against Rustic Armoire; Bella Rose Photography…

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Wedding Inspiration Board – Sage and Grey

Happy Monday everyone!  This week our wedding inspiration board oozes sophistocation and class.  The combination of sage and grey is the epitome of understated elegance, and is a perfect choice for an autumn wedding.  Succulents and eucalyptus naturally combine well with the colour scheme, making the choice of flowers easy!

Sage and Grey Wedding Inspiration Board

Image Credits:

Grey Satin Bridal Pumps; via Style Me Pretty //  Sage Green Satin Bridal Sash; ccdoodle //  Grey Suit; Jill Thomas Photography //  Succlent Bridal Boquet; Carla Ten Eyck //  Sage Green Earrings; OhKuol //  Sage Green Bridesmaids Dress; via Style Me Pretty //  Rustic Grey Lanterns with Green Candles; Adrienne Page //  Succulent Wedding Invitation Set; B is for Bonnie…

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Wedding Inspiration Board – Tiffany Blue

This week’s gorgeous inspiration board is all things Tiffany Blue.  This sophisticated and elegant shade of blue oozes class.  First associated with the ‘little blue box’ in the mid 1800’s, the iconic shade of blue never goes out of style.  A gorgeous choice for a colour scheme on it’s own, but it also pairs well with ivory, coral and many other warm colours.…

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wedding inspiration board – Great Gatsby

Welcome to the “Roaring 20’s”!  This week’s inspiration board is inspired by all things Great Gatsby!  The release of the movie adaptation of the Scott Fitzgerald classic has stimulated a resurgence of all things Art Deco for weddings.  An era epitomised by glamour and sophisticated details, a Great Gatsby theme will add an air of classic elegance to your special day.…

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wedding inspiration board – rustic vineyard

Getting married in a winery or having a vineyard theme is a wonderful way to add rustic charm to your wedding day.  Autumn is a perfect time of year for a vineyard wedding theme.  The vines are stunning shades of gold and red, and their natural colour scheme lends itself well to the rustic theme.

This week our gorgeous wedding inspiration board celebrates all things rustic vineyard!  From gorgeous rustic tablescapes to stunning shots taken amongst the vines, our latest inspiration board is sure to provide some gorgeous details!…

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wedding inspiration board – seaside

From gorgeous ocean blues to sandy creams, seaside weddings are casual and carefree. A seaside wedding theme conjures images of gorgeous beaches and long summer days.

Even if you can’t be at the beach for your special day, a seaside wedding theme is airy and romantic.

Collection of seaside wedding theme finds

 Image Credits:

Vintage Seaside Bridal Gown; Jacqui McSweeney Photography //  White Lantern; Avant Images //  Seaside Cape Code Décor; Simply Bloom Photography //  Seaside Tidal Bride and Groom; Karma Hill //  Seaside Blue Reception Décor; AK Studio //  Pastel Bouquet; KT Merry //  Baby Blue Place Card Tags; Piteira Photography //  Seaside Wedding Invitation; Swell and Grand //  Starfish Ring Shot; Shelby Leigh Photography //  Beach Bride and Groom; Magnolia Pair

The gorgeous invitations from Swell and Grand are available on Etsy. …

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metallic gold wedding inspiration board

From burnt copper right through to luscious light tones, gold adds an air of sophistication and elegance to your wedding palette. Our gorgeous wedding inspiration board showcases stunning gold toned wedding finds.

Gold is one of the biggest color trends for the 2013 wedding season. It pairs well with a variety of colors; from neon brights to bright and bold primary colours.

Check out our gorgeous finds below, and be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more gorgeous colour palette inspiration!…

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ombre pink wedding inspiration board

Hopefully everyone has had a relaxing weekend.  After a break away from our website for family reasons, we are pleased to release our latest wedding inspiration board; ombre pink.

All things ombre have been very hot right now, ranging from hair, nails and fashion right through to furnishings and stationery.

Ombre is also very popular for weddings, with the trend being showcased in particular with bridesmaids dresses and cakes.…

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mint green wedding inspiration board

Happy Monday everyone!  Hopefully everyone had a great weekend, and is relaxed and refreshed for the new week.  This week’s wedding inspiration board was inspired by some pale green macaroons I saw whilst out and about shopping.  The cool, creamy pale mint green adds a vintage and chic element to a wedding; perfect for late spring and summer.  So fresh and so elegant!

Various shades of green, ranging from turquoise to mint and all things in between, have been very on trend for the 2012 season.  …

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navy blue and lime green wedding inspiration board

Here’s hoping everyone’s weekend went well.  The weather here is slowly warming up for the spring, plenty of fresh spring growth.  All of the lovely shades of green around have inspired our latest wedding inspiration board; navy blue and lime green.  The perfect palette for the warmer months, the freshness of the lime green adds some spunk to the very sophisticated navy blue. …

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cornflower blue and taupe wedding inspiration board

Happy Monday everyone!  Hopefully everyone has had a relaxing weekend now that we are back to the working week.  This week’s colour palette is cornflower blue and taupe.  The cool blue combines well with the neutral taupe, making a very chic and understated palette.  Perfect for a more casual wedding, and an excellent option where some of the more prominent feminine colours don’t appeal.…

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dusky pink and mocha wedding inspiration board

Happy Thursday everyone!  It has been a bit hectic around here lately, so our weekly wedding inspiration board was a bit late this week.  Hopefully it was worth the wait!  Check it out below; dusky pink and brown.  Dusky pink is more of a traditional and very feminine colour choice.  It pairs very nicely with the more neutral brown.  The colour palette has plenty of scope for variation.  Chocolate brown, mocha and taupe all work equally well when paired with the dusky pink.…

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canary yellow and platinum wedding inspiration board

Happy Monday everyone!  It has been absolutely crazy this last week, so hopefully the new week goes a bit smoother.  Our latest wedding inspiration board features canary yellow and grey this week.  The sunshine hue of canary yellow combined with cool, calm slate grey lends an earthy, almost rustic feeling to a wedding palette.  Great for the spring as well as autumn, canary yellow and grey are a cute and quirky colour palette!…

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coral and turquoise wedding inspiration board

Welcome to September everyone!  The year is absolutely flying by!  For those of us in the southern hemisphere, our days are becoming longer and spring is most certainly here.  For this week’s wedding inspiration board, the inspiration was taken from all things spring –  coral and turquoise.  Often seen in nature and jewellery, coral and turquoise combine well together and add a modern and chic twist to more traditional wedding colour palettes. …

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Navy Blue Wedding Inspiration Board

Happy Monday everyone!  Hopefully this week won’t be too crazy for everyone.  Just wanted to share our latest wedding inspiration board!  Navy blue is a chic and elegant color choice for a colour palette this summer 2012 wedding season.  Either used on it’s own, or combined with a pop of neon, navy blue accents will add an air of elegance and sophistication to your special day.…

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