DIY Wedding Inspiration

Design Inspiration – Finished!

Just completed our latest design, ‘Mini Noodle Box DIY Favor Template’.  I hinted in my last post Design Inspiration that I had been inspired to create a new design.  I love the concept of noodle boxes.  They’ve been super popular in recent years.  Our design has been jazzed up a bit with an adorable digital seal and a little bit of ribbon.  Super cute!

Check out the shots below, then head over to Etsy to pick yours up:

DIY Wedding Favor Template - Mini Noodle Box Template

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Posted on Jan 22, 2012 | 0 comments

Design Inspiration

Design inspiration strikes at the oddest of times.

I see things in nature or architecture that inspire me.

My design will involve a seal, and a ribbon wrap hopefully.  Stay tuned for more details while I work out the last of the design kinks!…

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Productive Sunday (or at least somewhat productive….)

My fiance and I are just got back from a quick break away, so I spent this weekend trying to catch up on all of the chores that were missed whilst we were away.  We had an excellent time, and now it’s back to the real world!

Unfortunately, it has been a miserable, wet Sunday today.  Not exactly the greatest day to be trying to get jobs done.  I needed to reshoot my Bon Bon DIY wedding favors.…

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